GoldShell HS3 Handshake ASIC Miner


GoldShell HS3 Handshake Miner, that can produce at (2 Th/s) hash rate with about 2000 Watt power consumption.Power consumption: 2000 WattHashing algorithm: HandshakeHash rate: 2 Th/sAll machines include associated power supplyManufacturer: H…

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GoldShell HS3 Handshake Miner, that can produce at (2 Th/s) hash rate with about 2000 Watt power consumption.

Power consumption: 2000 Watt
Hashing algorithm: Handshake
Hash rate: 2 Th/s
All machines include associated power supply

Manufacturer: Hummer
Model: GoldShell HS3
Hashrate: 2 Th/s
Size: 310mm(L) * 180mm(W) * 280mm(H)
Weight: 7
Noise Level: 75db
Fan(s): 2
Power: 2000W
Voltage: 12V
Interface: Ethernet
Temperature: 0 – 35 °C
Humidity: 5 – 95 %
Watts: 2000

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Cryptocurrency mining is the lifeblood that runs the cryptocurrency in the economy. Several mining models have been introduced, and deciding on the best one is quite a task because every option seems better than the other. Coming to the goldshell hs3 miner, it can produce 2 Th/s hash rate by utilizing only about 2000-Watt power of energy.


Let us know more about goldshell hs3 miner

goldshell hs3 miner has a voltage of 12V, and the product’s weight is 7000g. the key reason for designing a gold shell hs3 miner was to make mining a fast exercise. The gold shell hs3 miner device is connected over an Ethernet connection and works well within the temperature range of 5-45 degrees celsius. Also, the miner equipment’s humidity range lies in the range of 5 – 95%. Having a dimension of 180 x 280 x 310nm and a weight of nearly 700g, the mining device is best appreciated for bringing immense profitability.


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One of the easiest ways to crack a profitable deal while buying the gold shell hs3 miner is to consider online buying of gold shell hs3 miner for sale online. Always join hands with a credible provider to make a selection that will serve in the long run.


Hashrate: 2 Th/s
Power: 2000 W
Algo: Handshake
Coins mined: Handshake (HNS), Nicehash-Handshake


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